Science! STEM Sticker Adventure

Spark your little girl’s interest in science with Science! STEM Sticker Adventure.

The world of science is an exciting place for little girls who dream big. This fun sticker book is packed with activities that will empower your daughters, granddaughters and the special little girls in your life to ask questions, seek answers and explore the natural world.

Hopscotch Girls has worked with leading scientists to create a sticker book that’s as fun as it is educational. While your little girl plays with over 125 repositionable stickers, she’ll join Aliyah, Emma and Avery as they learn about seven scientific disciplines over 24 full color pages.

  • Chemistry – Get into the lab and conduct experiments with colorful test tubes, bunsen burners, beakers and more.

  • Geology – Study rocks, minerals and landforms in a spectacular landscape.

  • Astronomy – Put on your space suit and reach for the stars (and planets!) with this fun space scene and stickers.

  • Marine Biology – Explore the ocean depths and meet fish, coral and other marine life in your scuba gear.

  • Botany – Grow your knowledge of the natural world with stickers like plants, flowers, and tools for preserving plant specimens.

  • Paleontology – Get digging and learn about paleontology with dinosaur bone, fossil and dig tool stickers stickers.

  • Physiology & Medicine – Be a doctor and help a patient in need with stickers like band aids, a cast, medicine, etc.

Science! STEM Sticker Adventure introduces girls to science and opens the door to future careers in the field. The book also contains ideas for activities to help your kids can learn even more about science. Build and nurture their excitement and who knows where it might lead one day?


0ver 125 stickers designed to spark your little girl’s interest in science!