How to Bodyboard: Unleash your Inner Mermaid

Do you sometimes wonder if your daughter is actually a mermaid? If you’ve got a kid that swims like a fish, introduce her to bodyboarding. She’ll have so much fun, she’ll be flipping her tail for more!

Bodyboarding (or boogie-boarding) is a fun sport that even the youngest kids can try. As long as they can swim well and are under the watchful eye of an adult, bodyboarding is a great way for your daughter to have fun in the water and learn how to ride the waves in a safe, relaxed way.

Is your daughter a surfer girl?

Water sports are a fantastic way for kids to stay fit while having fun. If you already have a water baby, she’ll be able to show off her skills and increase her water-confidence.

Bodyboarding is also a fantastic introduction to water sports. Who knows where this will take her? Maybe you have a surfer girl in the family!

Where to go bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is a great sport to start on a beach vacation or at a local surf spot, if you have one. 

Always start in an area with shallow water and gentle waves. Go to a beach that is supervised by a lifeguard and stay with your daughter at all times.

Click here for a list of surf schools in the US and around the world.

Top tips for your first bodyboarding experience 

  • Choose a board with high buoyancy and a leash so your daughter won’t become separated from her board if (or when!) she falls off. Wear a practical swimsuit, sunscreen and a rash guard.

  • Start with a beach demo. Show your daughter how to position herself on the center of the board with her chest raised. She should use her arms and legs to paddle - don’t complicate the process with flippers or fins at first. When you take her into the sea, stand behind her and push her gently into the waves.

  • Start off with a short 10-minute session. Keep her warm. If the water is cold, rent or purchase a wetsuit.

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Give your daughter the chance to unleash her inner mermaid! She’ll have lots of “tails” to tell!