Get pedaling: How to start cycling with your daughter

Nothing gets your blood pumping quite like cycling! Deck yourselves out with two wheels and a helmet and you're on your way!

Cycling is a fun way to get some exercise and have fun with the family. If you’re ready to hit the trails with your kids, read on for some top tips.

Why kids love getting on their bikes

Cycling is a fun sport for kids from about 3.5 years. Even the youngest of kids can go along for the ride if you fit your bike with a baby carrier or trailer.

Learning to ride a bike is a life skill that can help your daughter to keep fit, gain independence and have fun all at the same time.

Check out these tips for teaching your daughter to ride a bike.

Where shall we go?

Although your daughter might pick up the basics quickly, it takes longer to get used to traffic, so avoid busy roads until you feel more confident. Choose a quiet road or bike path where you can ride alongside her.

Head somewhere fun like a cafe or park. Make sure you take frequent stops for snack and water breaks, and to rest. This really is about the journey!

Top tips for your first cycling experience

  • Consider starting with a balance bike, so your daughter doesn’t have to master pedals and gears right away.

  • Make sure your bikes are in good working order. Pay particular attention to the brakes and tires.

  • Always wear a helmet. Make sure it fits snugly and protects the forehead. Slide your finger between the clasp and your child’s neck when fastening it.

  • Remember - you want your kids to have fun, so let the slowest person set the pace and don’t plan to go too far too fast.

Click here for a list of cycling clubs, development programs, and family bike rides.

Feeling the need for some fresh air and fun? Get on your bike!