Get Paddling! Why Your Daughter Will Love Kayaking

What could be better than messing around on the river? Take your daughter kayaking for a paddling adventure she’ll never forget.

Kayaking is perfect for families as it’s a fun outdoor activity that combines fresh air, teamwork and a healthy dose of adrenaline. 

Make sure to check out the safety rules, grab yourself a paddle, and off you go! 

Why your daughter will love kayaking

Kayaks really move, even on the calmest of rivers. Your daughter will enjoy the rush and love learning how to harness the power of the water.

Even young children can join in the fun. At first, they can sit back and enjoy the ride as a “duffer” in the center of the kayak. From 4-years they can learn to paddle in the bow of a double kayak. Wait until they’re about 10-years old before letting them loose in a small single kayak.

Where to go kayaking

Aim for calm waters initially, such as small lakes and slow rivers. Ask at your local Watersport store or check out local paddling association websites for kid-friendly kayaking spots. 

Take some time to find out about your destination beforehand. Include your kids when researching currents and tides to help them learn respect for the water.

For further information about good kayaking spots, check out this post from the National Forest Foundation.

Top tips for your first kayaking experience

  • Always take an experienced paddler with you. Aim for a ratio of 1 adult for every child

  • A water-proof wide-brimmed hat is perfect protection from sun and rain. Waterproof boots or sandals will protect feet from sharp rocks if you end up in the water rather than on it. Wear close-fitting rain or UV protection gear

  • It’s a legal requirement that everyone wears a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). Practice basic safety techniques such as wet-exits and braces to build water confidence

For more detailed information on kayaking, take a look at this guide from the American Canoeing Association

Happy paddling!