Quickstart Guide to Empowering Girls

We created this Quickstart Guide to Empowering Girls because we wanted to make it easier for families to empower girls every day. Click here to download the guide, or scroll down for tips and links to additional information.

💖 Family 💖

Be A Role Model

  • Family, family friends & close adults can show her how to be strong, body-positive, etc.

  • Let her see you try/fail, andavoid negative self-talk

For more info about being a role model, check out our blog post How to Be a Good Role Model for Your Daughter.

Have Thoughtful Conversations

  • Have open conversations about strength, bravery, and inner beauty

  • Use books and events in her life to prompt conversations

Check out the blog post Raising Boys that Empower Girls—Book Review of The Heart of a Boy for details on how to use books to inspire conversations with your little one.

Challenge Yourselves

  • Tackle challenges as a family to encourage confidence

  • Possibilities include outdoor adventures, race/physical challenges, special projects

You can find tons of ideas for outdoor adventures in the post Take Your Daughter on an Adventure.

🚲 Activities 🚲

  • Use art as a tool to encourage expression of feelings and fears

  • Try an art challenge (ex: ask her to think about a time she was afraid, but did something anyway), and talk about what it means, how it felt to create it, etc.

Read The Secret of Parenting with Art for more info.


  • Use outdoor adventures to build closeness & bravery

  • Try hiking, camping, backpacking, swimming, running, cycling (stay safe!)

For ideas for outdoor adventures, check out the post Take Your Daughter on an Adventure.


  • Use STEM (Science, technology, engineering & math) activities to open her future to high-paying jobs

  • Try kitchen science experiments, observation journals, building games

For more info about fun STEM activities, check out 5 Fun Ways to Introduce Girls to STEM and Building STEM Skills by Including Art.


📱 Media 📱

• Try to balance out movies/tv shows with ones that don’t reinforce stereotypes

• Check out Common Sense Media for movie/tv/app/game ratings for families

Movies/TV Shows

  • Look for books that show how multidimensional girls can be and challenge conventional wisdom

  • Check out A Mighty Girl for book lists/reviews


⭐ Stuff ⭐

  • Balance clothes with options beyond pink/purple, dresses/skirts, etc.

  • Look at Princess Awesome for girl clothes with dinos, rockets, etc.


  • Avoid toys that reinforce consumerism, outer beauty, and dolls with sexualized/unrealistic bodies

  • Check out A Mighty Girl for toy lists/reviews