How To Have Fun Rock Climbing With Your Daughter

Does your daughter love to climb? If you feel like you have a monkey in the house, maybe you should harness some of that energy (literally) and take her rock climbing.

Not only is it a fun sport the whole family can enjoy, it’s a great workout and a confidence booster too. Get ready for huge smiles when your daughter realizes what she can achieve with a little bit of problem-solving, determination, and adrenaline!

Rock climbing - a physical and mental workout

Rock climbing is a fun way to enable your daughter to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. All the skills she’ll need to feel comfortable in any sport. For kids that are afraid of heights, rock climbing offers the chance to conquer their fears, safe in the knowledge they are firmly strapped in.

But it’s more than just a physical workout. Rock climbing is a great opportunity to practice problem-solving and build confidence. Your daughter will decide which way to go, where to put her feet, how to hold on. She’ll set goals and work out how to achieve them.

But we don’t live in the mountains!

There’s no need to head for the hills - not at least until your little mountaineer gets some experience.  There are indoor and outdoor activity centers, and many ordinary gyms have a climbing wall too. Many centers offer drop-in sessions, courses and camps so your daughter can learn how to climb safely and skillfully.

To find a climbing gym near you, check out this list of climbing gyms in each country/state.

Top tips for your first rock climbing experience

  • Some centers offer bouldering which is a fun introduction to rock climbing and a great way for very young girls to try the sport. No ropes are required as the climbers are kept within a safe height.

  • Make sure the venue you choose has age-appropriate facilities. Many centers have multi-level walls and courses that cater to all ages and heights.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement.

For detailed information on rock climbing, take a look at the USA Climbing Parent Handbook.

Just wait for that smile!