What No Brakes? How to Get Your Daughter Cruising on Her Skateboard

Strap on your helmet and pads. We’re going skateboarding!

Skateboarding is great for developing coordination skills and self-confidence. Hit the skate park and get ready for the grin when your daughter realizes what she can achieve with a cool head and a little bit of determination.

Why your kids will love to skateboard

Skateboarding is more than a cool set of wheels. Learning to skateboard requires patience, balance, strength, and stamina. It’s a great way to get kids outside, having fun without even realizing they are exercising.

Kids as young as 3 can jump on a board. Most manufacturers make mini-boards which are great to start on. As long as your daughter is closely supervised, the younger the better. Bumps and bruises don’t hurt so much when you’re little. And neither does wounded pride! 

Where to start skateboarding

You can skate anywhere - the park, your backyard, or even your family room. As long as you wear a helmet and pads, the world is your skate park!

Practice on grass or carpet first and graduate to flat surfaces once your daughter gains confidence.

If you have a local skate park, go when it’s quiet so she can get used to it without suffering the judgment of the pro-kids. 

Want to venture further afield? Check out this list of America’s best skateparks.

Top tips for your first skateboarding experience

  • Wear non-slip shoes with securely fastened laces. Make sure the helmet is a snug fit and covers the forehead. Strap on elbow, knee and wrist pads.

  • Feet should be planted on the bolts, dominant foot at the back. Face forward, head central, knees slightly bent.

  • If you’re giving her a push, push her body not the board.

  • Your daughter will fall off. A lot. Teach her to crouch as she loses balance so she doesn’t have far to fall.

For safety tips on skateboarding and skating, checkout SafeKids Worldwide.

Start skateboarding for some too-cool-for-school fun!