Love Nemo? How to Introduce Your Daughter to Snorkeling

If your daughter loves the sea, she will adore snorkeling. It’s great exercise and a fabulous way to introduce girls to the wonders of marine life.

Once she masters the basics, your daughter will discover a whole new world of beautiful creatures and their secret kingdom under the sea. Read on for some top tips on safe snorkeling for beginners.

Why your daughter will love snorkeling

Snorkeling is a great sea-adventure for swimmers of all levels.

If your daughter is still finding her fins, snorkeling is a great way to gain water confidence. As long as she is closely supervised, she can enjoy discovering the shallows which are often teeming with life.

For kids who are already strong swimmers, snorkeling not only gives them a chance to use their skills but also take them to another level. Plus it can be a great introduction to scuba diving if they want to take their interest even further.

Where to get your snorkel on

For your first snorkeling experience, choose calm waters where there aren’t too many swimmers. Try to pick a warm day as kids are often so mesmerized by underwater life they forget to keep moving.

Remember, the sea can be unpredictable so make sure you choose a snorkeling spot that is just right for your daughter’s swimming ability and always keep a watchful eye on her.

Check out this link for information on the world’s best snorkeling spots.

Top tips for your first snorkeling experience

  • Snorkeling equipment can usually be rented at popular snorkeling spots.

  • Make sure the mask and snorkel fit well and practice breathing on dry land first. Once your daughter is confident test them out in shallow water (or even the bathtub!).

  • Use a flotation device to help her feel secure and rest when she’s tired.

  • If your daughter is a strong swimmer, add fins once she is happy with the mask and snorkel. (Tip - it’s easier to walk backward in fins.)

  • Make sure she is warm enough and protected from the sun. Wear a wetsuit or UV protective clothing if necessary.

  • Stay close to your kids and make sure they don’t drift too far.

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Love swimming? Get your snorkel on and discover a whole new underwater world!