Snow Skiing for Beginners. How to Get Your Kids to Love the Slopes

Whether you’re a little snow-shy or a total pro, skiing is a fantastic sport to enjoy with your daughter.

Deck yourselves out in #allthelayers, enroll in some classes and off to the slopes you go. Be prepared - kids learn quickly. They’ll soon master the nursery slopes and be jumping on the ski-lift ready for more.

Why your kids will love skiing

Skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by kids as young as 3. Little ones have the advantage of being fearless and not having far to fall. They bounce better than adults too! 

As well as being great exercise and a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors in winter, skiing is a skill that your daughter will enjoy for her whole life.

It’s also a great social sport. Consider skiing with friends. Peer pressure can be a positive force for encouraging “just one more run!”

Where you can go skiing

Enroll your kids in some lessons and you’ll find they pick up the basics quickly. They’ll love the independence of being able to master the easy slopes and will be itching to try something harder before you know it.

Check out this link for a list of great US ski resorts.

Top tips for your first skiing experience

  • The weather can change quickly in the mountains. Get advice from your local winter sports store or resort about the best ski-gear to keep your kids warm and dry.

  • Ski equipment can be rented for a few weeks or a season, which is useful for growing kids. Rented equipment also has the advantage of being ready to use.

  • Kids should wear a helmet with an inner harness that can be tightened to a snug fit and goggles to keep them dry.

  • Make friends with lift operators. They can slow the lift to help little ones on and off.

  • Pack snacks, water, sunscreen, and extra layers.

  • Take breaks! Skiing is great exercise, but it's also hard work. Take a break and let your kids play in the snow.

For more detailed info on skiing with kids, check out the National Ski Areas Association.

Ski-lift your winter spirits! There’s “snow” better fun!