Shreddin' For Beginners. How to Have Fun Snowboarding With Kids

Soft powdery snow and a sunny day? Sounds like perfect conditions for a spectacular snowboarding adventure!

If your daughter loves to play in the snow and is a bit of a thrill-seeker, she’ll love snowboarding (which you should call “riding” if any of her friends are listening!). 

Invest in snow-gear, book some lessons and take to the slopes. This could be the start of a fabulous family adventure!

Why your kids will love snowboarding

Snowboarding lessons start for kids at about 7-years, as “riding” requires more strength and stamina than snow skiing.

Although it’s trickier than skiing to start with, once your daughter masters the basics, she’ll find snowboarding much less complicated.

It’s a great idea to enroll kids in age-appropriate classes in order to master basic technique. Don’t miss out on the fun, though! If the whole family is snowboarding, invest in a private group lesson at the end of the day so you can enjoy the slopes together.

Where you can go snowboarding

Choose a place with powdery snow for your first sessions. Soft snow may be harder to maneuver in, but it’s much softer when you fall.

Make sure you choose a spot with runs that are appropriate for your daughter’s level. Easier runs are great for learning technique and building confidence.

Check out this list of great family-friendly ski-resorts.

Top tips for your first snowboarding experience

  • The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so always dress appropriately and heed safety warnings.

  • Get advice from your local snowboard center or winter sports store about the best gear for snowboarding. Clothes tend to be roomier than ski-gear to allow for more movement.

  • Keep your kids warm and dry. Invest in hand and feet warmers (or pouches). TIP: Feet pouches are more comfortable if worn on top of the foot.

  • You can rent or buy equipment, depending on how much you are likely to use it. For kids, err on the side of a smaller rather than larger board as these are easier to maneuver. Always wear a helmet and wrist guards.

  • Remember, although you feel cold, snow reflects the sun so wear sunscreen and lip balm.

  • Don’t forget the snacks and stay hydrated. “Riding” is hard work!

For more detailed information on snowboarding for kids, check out this article.

Get your thermals on, and don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s time to hit the slopes!