Calling all snow angels! How to have fun snowshoeing

Love snow days? You’ll adore snowshoeing!

Snowshoeing is an inexpensive and fun activity the whole family can enjoy. All you need is basic equipment, warm clothes, and plenty of enthusiasm! Strap on the snowshoes and pack the cocoa. It’s going to be fun!

Why your kids will love to snowshoe

What can be better than going wild in snow? Especially if you get there before anyone else and make the first footprints.

Your kids will love the simplicity of snowshoeing. No special training is necessary. If you can walk, you can snowshoe.

Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy fresh air in a magical winter wonderland. It’s also a fun way of getting some exercise when the snow threatens to keep you indoors. And if it comes with hot cocoa afterward, so much the better! You can even take your dog along!

Where to go snowshoeing

Ski resorts and golf courses often have snowshoe trails, but anywhere you have snow, you can snowshoe.

Choose a flat track for your first adventures as a hilly trail can be hard work. If you’re at a ski resort, beware of cross-country skiers.

Check out this link for information about snowshoeing trails in the US.

Top tips for your first snowshoeing experience

  • Practice at home first. Put your snowshoes on, take them off and practice walking around on grass. Teach your kids to u-turn rather than reverse.

  • Dress in layers. You might feel cold initially but will soon warm up when you get moving.

  • Equip your daughter with an appropriately sized backpack so she can carry some snacks, a drink, and extra layers. Strap on a whistle just in case.

  • Kids snowshoes are not expensive to buy and can also be rented. Poles are not essential but are fun to use. If you’re buying poles for your kids, get an extendable model so they can grow with them.

  • Remember, the weather can change quickly in winter, so always dress appropriately and heed safety warnings.

Click here for more detailed information on snowshoeing.

Try snowshoeing. You might just have a (snow) ball!