Stand-Up Paddling. How to have SUPer Fun On the Water

Stand-up paddling (also called SUP or paddle boarding) is a fun water sport that all the family can try.

Boards and paddles come in all shapes and sizes, so suit up and hop on the water! It’s time get your paddle on!

Why kids love stand-up paddling

Kids can start paddling their own board from around the age of 8. Don’t leave the little ones at home, though. Slip your younger kids into a life vest and they can perch on the front of Mom or Dad’s board.

Stand-up paddling is a fantastic first water sport because the basic techniques are easy to master. It’s a great workout too and the water provides a soft landing if (when) you fall in!

Where you can go stand-up paddling

If you don’t live near the coast, no problem! You don’t need waves. Flat waters in your local lake will do just fine.

Paddling against the wind is tough, so choose a calm day and a quiet spot without too many boats or swimmers. 

If you’re paddling in the ocean, choose a high-tide time so you don’t have so far to carry your board, they’re heavy!

For information about where to try stand-up paddling in your area, click here.

Top tips for your first stand-up paddling experience

  • Equipment can be rented or bought. You can choose an inflatable, hard or foam board depending on what you want to use it for. Get advice from your local water sports store about the best board for you.

  • Paddles also come in different sizes and too-big paddles are hard to use, so get advice about the perfect size paddles for you and your kids.

  • Dress for the weather. A wetsuit will keep you warm in cool waters. Wear UV protection gear in the sun.

  • Kids can start off kneeling on their board and graduate to standing up when they gain confidence.

  • Ensure your board is fitted with a leash so the paddler can’t lose it if they fall off.

  • Remember, any water sport can be dangerous, so always make sure your kids wear life-vests and are closely supervised.

For more detailed information about stand-up paddling, check out these guides.

Get ready for some SUPer fun with stand-up paddling!