Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure

The stickers aren’t the only things that will stick with your little girl from this sticker book! Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure book was designed to unlock the spirit of adventure in girls ages 4-8.

This sticker book uses strong and confident female role models to empower girls and show them that they can do anything — even climb mountains!

Each page provides you with an opportunity to teach your little girl how to bravely and confidently explore the beauty and excitement of nature and the outdoors! It features 24 full-color pages that include over 150 stickers of outdoor activities, plants, and animals that are perfect for little adventurers in captivating scenes, such as:

  • In the mountains. Strap on a backpack and go hiking, backpacking or rock climbing while enjoying the view.

  • At the lake. Paddle in a kayak, ride on a wakeboard, or go swimming in the calm waters.

  • In the snow. Take a stroll in a pair of snowshoes, or ski or snowboard down a hill.

  • At the beach. Brave the waves while balancing on a surfboard or bodyboard.

  • In the ocean. Put on scuba gear or a snorkel set and marvel at the diverse marine life underwater.

  • At the river. Go fishing for a meal while on a boat then share bedtime stories with a girlfriend inside a camping tent under the stars.

  • On the street. Show off your skills on a skateboard. Get some exercise and meet friends while cycling or running around the neighborhood.

In Outdoor Sports Sticker Adventure, each beautifully illustrated scene sparks your little girl's imagination and serves as the colorful backdrop for 150+ stickers found at the back of the activity book.


Customer feedback:

Wonderful book full of adventurous and diverse females!
— Amber Hesselbein
Very fun, non-princessy sticker book!
— Paulina K
Great sticker book! My 3yo girl loves it!
— Maayan Tarnopolsky Yaakov

0ver 150 stickers designed to unlock the spirit of adventure in girls ages 4-8!