How to Enjoy Surfing With Your Daughter

Riding the waves on a sunny day - what could be cooler? 

For kids who love the ocean, surfing is a whole new level of fun. Nothing's better than experiencing the rush of the waves!

Is my daughter ready for surfing?

If your daughter likes to step (or swim!) out of her comfort zone, she’ll love the thrill of the surf. If she’s a strong swimmer, surfing will enable her to take her water-confidence to a new level. 

It’s important not to push kids into surfing if they aren’t ready. Start by playing games in the ocean. Encourage her to chase the waves as they go out and then turn around and beat them back to the beach.

You can also strap little ones into a life-vest, put them on the front of your board and paddle around in calm waters so they get used to the feel of the water. Graduate to a body board (or boogie board) once they get more confident.

The stronger your daughter is as a swimmer, the easier she will find surfing, so take every opportunity to increase her water-confidence.

Where you can go surfing

Your daughter is going to be much happier surfing in warm water, so choose a sunny day and warm location if possible. Stick to shallow waters where your kids can stand up if they fall off. The shallows are warmer than deep water too.

Basic techniques can be tricky to master so consider enrolling your daughter in some lessons to get her started. Even better, take some joint lessons so you can learn together!

Check out this link for top US beginner surf spots.

Top tips for your first surfing experience

  • Be patient, lower your expectations and wait until your child is ready to surf. Let her get used to the ocean first and enjoy the waves. Start out with a body board so she can learn how the waves feel.

  • Practice the “pop-up” on the beach with a board drawn in the sand. Start with your daughter lying on the board, encourage her to put her hands flat on the “board” in a push-up position and then quickly jump to her feet by pulling her knees to her chest.

  • Once she’s ready for a surfboard, rent a board with a foam top as these are more buoyant and flexible than normal boards.

  • Keep her warm in a wetsuit that fits well so it doesn’t rub.

  • Remember, the ocean can be unpredictable so make sure your daughter is supervised at all times and choose a location with waves of the appropriate level.

For kid-friendly information on surfing, click here

Just wait for that smile when she rides her first wave!