Fall Is Here! Outside Adventure Awaits!


🍂 Happy Fall! 🍂

The season of falling leaves and pumpkin everything is officially here!  We love to enjoy these last few warm days, or the first few chilly ones by getting girls outside. Sometimes people think of fall as a time to be indoors, but we’ve found that this season of change can make outdoor adventures feel even more adventurous and special. Here are a couple of our favorite outdoor activities for fall.

Go Exploring!

Girl with Leaves(1).png

Yes, we’re talking about hiking! We always recommend hiking because it’s such a simple and accessible way to take your little girl on an adventure. If you haven’t been to your favorite local hiking spot since the summer, grab your sneakers and go check it out! 

Things may look a little different as the seasons change. Spice up the trip by collecting leaves, or taking along a notebook so your budding scientist can record her observations. And don’t shy away from fog or rain! A little bit of fog or rain creates the perfect atmosphere for an adventure. Just be sure you’re well prepared with rain gear, the trail isn’t too steep/muddy, and there aren’t any other hazards. If you’re looking for more of an adventure, take a look at this list of the best places to see fall foliage in the US. For more tips on hiking with girls, check out our adventure guide.

Make it an Overnight!

Camping in the fall can be a lot of fun too. The key thing here is to be prepared. Look for a weekend that’s mostly clear. If there might be a little bit of rain, try preparing for it instead of avoiding the adventure altogether. Sharing stories and playing card games in the tent can be a bonding experience just as valuable as time on the trail. And, if you pick a camping spot that’s close home, you can relax knowing you have a backup plan if it begins to pour. Check out our camping guide for more info about camping with girls.

Melissa Foley