Empowering Girls Over Summer Break

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Sun & Fun!

It’s hard to believe, but summer break is almost here! Besides sunscreen and warmer weather, summer also means kids with time on their hands. Filling their newfound free time can be overwhelming, but it’s also an opportunity for your little girl to deviate from her normal routine and try something new. Here are our top tips for empowering girls while having fun this summer.


1) Read Some Incredible Books

Summer is the perfect time for a trip to the library for some new, inspiring books. It can be hard to find girl-positive books, so we recommend checking out A Mighty Girl’s Books Of The Year list for the best new books, broken down by age.

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2) Experiment with Creativity & Introspection

If you find your little girl grumbling about being bored this summer, try pushing her to experiment a bit with creativity and introspection. When school’s in session it can be hard to find the time and mental space to really dig into this, which is why summer is the perfect time. Help her setup her paper and pen or art supplies, and direct her work with a prompt. You can tailor the prompt based on her specific personality and needs. For example, you might suggest that she imagine herself as a brave warrior, or a groundbreaking scientist, and ask her to use writing and art to explore how that might feel/look.

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3) Try an Empowering Day Camp

Summer day camps have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and there are some amazing choices out there for girls! Look for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) camps, sports-specific camps exclusively for girls (like soccer camp), and empowerment-focused camps in your area. Sites like Red Tricycle and local newspapers often put together guides with lists of camps, which can be a big help. One thing to note - summer camps can be expensive, so keep an eye out for ones that offer scholarships if that’s helpful.

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4) Embark on an Outdoor Adventure

We’re BIG fans of getting girls outside for adventures, and summer is a wonderful time to do this. Hiking, swimming, surfing—the possibilities for adventures are endless—just pick something that works well for your family and your schedule. Outdoor sports are great because they provide a natural opportunity to practice bravery, resilience and confidence.

We hope you have an amazing break! 😊