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February is the love month, and this year we're challenging moms and daughters to practice self-love for 10 days. Hopscotch Girls is all about building girls' confidence and self-esteem, and WE ARE ALL powerful role models.

The challenge kicks off on 2/14/2023.


Why I Created the Challenge

From Melissa Foley, creator of Hopscotch Girls and the #LoveHerselfChallenge

Most of my life I struggled with low self-esteem. But when I gave birth to my daughter, everything changed for me. I realized that I didn't want her to feel about herself the way I felt about myself. I wanted her to love herself and treat herself with compassion. And I realized that as her most important role model, I had to walk the talk and do it myself.

Once I made that connection, everything changed for me. Today I feel much better about myself and know I'm setting a good example for my daughter. I created the #LoveHerselfChallenge to share this feeling and experience with others.

Daily Inspiration

Starting on February 14th (Valentine's Day!) we're going to share daily tips for self-love and self-compassion via social media and email. Each tip comes from self-love experts and just takes a few minutes to complete. We created the challenge with moms and daughters in mind, but you can do the activities alone, as a pair, or however you like.

A Chance to Win Every Day

To make things fun, everyone that participates and shares on social media with the #LoveHerselfChallenge hashtag, or emails us at to let us know what you did, will be entered to win a free Hopscotch Girls book. Every day you participate is a new chance to win.

About Hopscotch Girls

Hopscotch Girls is a social enterprise created by a mom who was frustrated by the typical pink/princess/beauty gifts available for girls. We believe that it should be easier to find gifts for girls that build confidence and self-esteem, combat stereotypes and are fun. We empower girls by:

Making products that feature strong and intelligent female characters with healthy bodies.

Encouraging girls to embrace their true multifaceted selves.

Supporting parents and caregivers by providing research-backed resources and tips.

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