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Six Girl Power Movies to Watch With Your Girls

Six Girl Power Movies to Watch With Your Girls
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There’s no better night-in activity than curling up on the couch with some snacks and hot cocoa for a family movie night. There are endless options for films to watch with your girls, but one with a powerful message and even more powerful female characters is always a great choice.

There are so many films that celebrate women and girls, but here are some of our absolute favorite girl power movies to watch with your little heroines.
Ages 10+
There are few people in the world as inspiring as the women from Hidden Figures. This movie shows the obstacles and empowering journey of three black NASA engineers, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson.

Computing, while often hidden in the basement at NASA, was a monumental contributor to the USA putting the first man on the moon. And it was completed while dealing with the challenges and hardships of segregation in the South. Their story is empowering, and uplifting, and an emblem of the resilience and strength of women, particularly black women.
Ages 4+
Maya is a brave and adventurous bee who is excited about life and what the whole world has to offer. Join Maya and her friends on adventures that will encourage your girl to follow her instincts and break out of the norm. These movies are a good reminder of the importance of inclusion, friendship, and cooperation.
Ages 5+
Arguably the most empowered of the Disney princesses, Mulan learns that bringing honor to your family doesn’t have to look the same for everyone. By disguising herself as a man to take her father’s place in the Chinese army, Mulan proves that women can not only hold their own with physical prowess but with bravery and ingenuity as well.

Mulan honors her family, but not in the ways that they expect. She is brave and tough, but also vulnerable and intuitive, and there is nothing more powerful than a strong woman, with depth and experience.
Ages 6+
One of Disney Pixar’s more recent films, Encanto follows the story of Mirabel Madrigal. A young Colombian girl whose entire family has magical gifts they share with the world. Mirabel tries hard to accept that she wasn’t born with a gift like the rest of her family.

But this action-packed musical film reminds us– it’s not our gifts that make us special, but who we are on the inside that counts.
Ages 10+
Directed by Greta Gerwig, this film based on the classic novel follows four sisters growing up in nineteenth-century New England. The girls each face their own challenges, develop their own interests, and follow their own paths. This adaptation features Saoirse Ronan as Jo March, a headstrong and independent woman who dreams of being a writer, and Florence Pugh who reimagines the role of Amy March, adding nuance and charm to a role that has often been overlooked in previous adaptations of the story.

All four of the March sisters are empowered in their own way and they each present an opportunity for young girls to see themselves as inspiring characters on screen.
Ages 10+
Turning Red is a powerful reminder of how our friendships and families are so important to us as we navigate growing up as young girls. In this Disney animated film, we meet Mei, a young middle-school-aged girl who wants to fit in but, when she has big feelings, she turns into a big red panda.

A metaphor for the changes young girls go through during adolescence, Turning Red is a beautiful story of friendship, change, and acceptance.

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