Sleeping Under the Stars: Why your Kids will Love Camping

Getting dirty, cooking over a campfire, snuggling up in a sleeping bag - camping gives your family the chance to really go wild.

Camping is the best way to get back to basics. Plan a trip with your kids and enjoy a true vacation you’ll all remember.

Camping 101: Skills for real life

Camping is fun because you don’t just appreciate the outdoors, you really live it.

Learning basic skills about how to pitch a tent, make a campfire safely, and cook in the outdoors are all great experiences and who knows when they might be useful in the future?

The best thing about camping for kids is the chance to be free. Set boundaries, give them a whistle for emergencies and let them loose!

Off the beaten track (but not too far)

Choose an established campsite for your early trips. Pick somewhere close to home. You want to spend your time under the stars, not sitting in a car.

Teach your kids to respect nature. However cute those critters might look, chances are they have teeth and claws, so it's best to admire them from a distance. Check with rangers about local wildlife and safety issues. Teach your kids to “leave no trace” and coexist harmoniously with wildlife.

To find a family-friendly campground near you, check out this guide.

Top tips for your first camping experience

  • Pitch a tent at home and sleep in it overnight as a trial run. You can practice your pitching skills and it’ll get the kids excited about the main event

  • Give your kids a list and let them pack their own bag. (Double-check it before you leave!). Encourage them to return their items to the bag on the trip so they don’t disappear.

  • Make sure everyone has access to a flashlight or headlamp.

  • Let them bring a few toys. If you can, bring their bikes too so they can have fun racing around. If you have friends who like to camp, why not do a joint trip? These are the vacations kids really remember.

Click here for further information on family-friendly camping.

Plan a fun camping trip with your family. It just might be your best-ever vacation!