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Architecture: A blueprint for girls

How to introduce girls to architecture

Does your daughter like to build? Is she the biggest fan of legos or building blocks? If you just answered yes to either of those two questions, then architecture is perfect for her!

Architecture isn’t just an art form, and it doesn’t just shape the world we live in. Architecture is also the perfect bond-time activity, and one robust enough for the whole family to join in on! Here’s a simple guide to help you get started.

Why architecture is great for girls

Engaging in architecture is a brilliant and useful way for girls to express their creativity, while improving their ability to reason.

Architecture will increase her awareness of their environment and understanding of spatial arrangements. It’s a delicate art form, and she’ll be able to practice precision, accuracy, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Introducing girls to architecture at such an early age could be the foundation of leading her towards choosing a bright and promising career path. With your assistance and guidance, she might go into the field in future and architecture is certainly a profession the whole family can be proud of!

What is architecture?

Architecture is the process of planning out the design and structures of buildings or environments. The beauty of architecture is that it isn’t just about designing properties or establishments. Computer hardware engineers and network designers are also architects!

It’s an artful science and has a ton of applications in everyday life.

How to get started with architecture for girls

The easiest way to introduce the concept of architecture to girls is by building a fort! It’s a simple activity and can be easily done at home.

Kids love to scribble. If you happen to find her in the process, ask her to draw the spaces around her, like the living room, her bedroom, the lawn or the front porch. That should give her insight to the drawing aspect of the craft.

Teach your daughter how architects draw things from different views (ex: plan, side view and front view) in design, how to identify and how to draw them. Use simple (preferably rectangular) objects like books to illustrate. Avoid round ones, as they might be too confusing.

Instruct her to sketch these views freely. If she’s in middle school, teach her the concept of dimensions and have her apply that knowledge to her sketches.

What you need

For some outdoor construction work, she’ll need sticks, branches, pebbles and leaves. If she’s old enough to handle some rocks, let her have a go at them too. They'll provide a better structure for her work.

Sheets, thin planks of wood and a kid’s saw (to be used under adult supervision, of course) for bigger projects while legos, cardboard and toy building blocks (plastic or wooden) would do great for younger girls. Nails, hammers and glue for fastening while she’ll need pencils, erasers and rulers for the sketching.

A cardboard box can be useful too for the frame if you’re building houses, and don’t forget a pair of kid’s scissors for cutting pieces out.

Simple architecture projects for girls

Edible Art
This project is a pretty sweet (get it?) architecture idea for a girl to try out, plus, it’s tasty and inexpensive too! All you need is a pack of marshmallows and a jar of toothpicks. To turn this from a construction project to an architecture project, have her draw out the plans for her creation before starting to build.

Whimsical City
We love this little town made from paper rolls because it’s an easy idea for little girls. All she needs are empty toilet paper rolls and a few tools to bring this beautiful city to life! For this project too, have her draw her town before she starts building to give her a feel for mapping out plans on paper then making them a reality.

3D Jigsaw Puzzle
This Empire State building is the perfect architectural project for older girls. There’s a full guide inside to help you assemble your building and best of all, you don’t need any tools!

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