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2022 Gift Guide—Empowering Gifts for Baby Girls

If you're looking for gift ideas for babies, you're in the right place!  We dug through the hottest new books and toys, as well as some old favorites, so you won't have to.

Below are our favorite toys and books that encourage girls to grow up to be strong and successful. For the littlest girls in our lives, we focused on gifts that help them build basic skills, without reinforcing gender stereotypes.

This sensory toy really stands out as different form other sensory toys. It includes 6 textured ropes, poppable bubbles and even a ball. It helps babies build their fine motor skills.

This fun toy does so many different things. It lights up, plays sounds, rolls around, has buttons that can be pushed, and more. It also helps babies build their fine motor skills.

There is so much going on in this one toy for little girls! It features five sides of toys, including light-up buttons, animals, letters, songs and more. We like that the volume is adjustable too. (You'll know what we mean once these songs get stuck in your head! 😊)

This soft mat is perfect for encouraging physical activity and play at an early age.

The Play Gym gives you and your baby the perfect first year of play with a play gym that looks at home in your home. Designed by child development experts, our award-winning debut product includes five sensory zones to help your baby through everything from tummy time to teething.

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This cute book introduces babies to emotions and expressions. We love the illustration style and how playful it is.

This is the perfect gift for a little girl in an active family or a family full of soccer fans. We love the early emphasis on sports and activity.

We love Wonder Woman (of course!). We also like the message that mom does a lot. It's never too early to start hearing that!

This book is like science for babies. It's a sweet introduction for tiny girls.

This book introduces babies to moods and emotions. It's never too early to help girls tap into their feelings.

This book introduces babies to moods and emotions. It's never too early to help girls tap into their feelings.

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