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Jewelry making: The art form she’ll adorn

How to introduce girls to jewelry making

Creating a craft is a great way to entertain kids while getting them off screens, and jewelry making is an art form that will definitely help girls explore their creativity!

Here’s a simple guide to help you get started on her journey.

Why jewelry making is perfect for girls

Since they’ll be doing a lot of manipulating with their hands and fingers, jewelry making can improve girls’ fine motor skills.

There are lots of patterns to create (and imitate), which can help nurture her imagination and creativity, while also giving her a sense of accomplishment.

Jewelry making is a fun way for girls to express their artistic abilities. This art form can teach your daughter to take pride in her work, which is great for building self-esteem.

What is jewelry-making?

Jewelry making is simply the process of creating artistic pieces for wear. These pieces are also called accessories and can be used to express personal style and feelings.

How to get started with jewelry making for girls

First off, set aside a workspace. If you’re working with beads or other small components, consider using a rimmed baking sheet to avoid having to search the floor for missing items. If you’re making bracelets from string, just about any space with decent lighting should work.

When learning how to make jewelry, it’s a good idea to start with something easy and clean like friendship bracelets. Older girls can work with beads too. A good rule of thumb with beading—if she’s too young to clean up beads spilled on the ground, she might be too young for the project.

What you need

You’re going to need a small supplies box to store all her materials, preferably a box with different compartments. With one, she won’t have trouble finding all her stuff the next time she needs to work.

She’ll need different types of supplies, depending on the type of jewelry she’s making. Colorful embroidery floss is great for friendship bracelets. Beaded jewelry generally requires beads (bigger beads can be used to make jewelry for younger girls and smaller beads for older/more advanced girls), string, elastic or thread, and some findings (ex: clasps for bracelets and necklaces, and loops or posts for earrings). Scissors are useful too.

Jewelry making ideas for girls

Staircase Friendship Bracelet
Simple and inexpensive! These bracelets are the perfect first-time project for an up and coming jewelry artist, and also work well for sharing kindness and support with a friend.

Beaded Necklace for Kids
We love these cute beaded necklaces because they’re inexpensive to make and pretty easy too! They’re great for toddlers, and for older girls.

Elastic Beaded Bracelets for Kids
How about these fun bracelets? Girls can decide to add a few extra trinkets to make them all the more precious.

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