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Storytelling: Changing the narrative for girls

How to introduce girls to storytelling

Everyone loves a good story! They form the backbone of every movie and book. Plus, they make for a fun and entertaining time.

As a parent, you may tell your daughters stories once in a while, but how often do your daughters tell theirs? If you want to learn more about your daughter’s escapades or just her everyday life, read on for tips on getting her started with storytelling.

Why storytelling is good for girls

We love storytelling because it fosters creativity and self expression. It’s an incredible life skill that can be helpful with school projects and for many careers. Plus it’s a ton of fun.

What does storytelling mean?

When people tell stories, they narrate an event in such a way the person listening or reading is able to picture what happened. Storytelling can be verbal (like telling a story aloud), visual (communicated with a piece of visual art like a painting or short film), and even auditory (like a piece of music).

How to get started with storytelling for girls

Storytelling  can be a great way to get your little girl using her imagination.  In order to encourage her to try storytelling, you may need to help set the stage for her the first few attempts.  If your daughter is having a hard time getting started, give her some inspiration or prompts. For example, tell her that a family is stranded on an island and ask her questions like what she thinks they would be wearing, what does the island look like and what the family should do on the island; should they try to get away or should they stay and explore? Once she answers some of these questions, coach her into making it a fun and exciting narrative.

You can also look to her favorite toys for inspiration. Pick up a doll or action figure and ask her what their name is, where they are from and have her create a story about an adventure that toy is about to take. Encourage her to give some background on the toy first and to have a clear way she would like the adventure to end. This is a great way to help her understand how stories have a beginning, middle and an end. If she gets stuck in the middle of the story, you can always ask her questions that will help nudge her along in the right direction.

Another way to get your daughter into storytelling is by making up stories together. This can be done at bedtime, while you are driving in the car or even during meal time. It is a great way to bond with your daughter and have some quality time together. You can take turns making up a sentence and then passing it on to the other person to continue. This is also a great opportunity to help her work on her listening skills and can create some wonderful memories together.

What you need for storytelling with girls

Your daughter and an audience! That’s all you need for verbal storytelling.
When it comes to writing short stories or even books, she’ll need some writing equipment:
  1. A pencil or pen
  2. An eraser
  3. A nice little book!

Storytelling ideas for girls

Here are some storytelling prompts for girls to help them get started.

Make up a story about:
- A group of friends going on an adventure
- A family vacation that went horribly wrong
- A day in the life of her favorite animal
- A group of girl pirates looking for treasure

Encourage her to be creative and have fun with her stories. The sky's the limit!

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