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6 Springs Crafts To Do With Kids This Season

6 Springs Crafts To Do With Kids This Season
APR 11Th, 2022
Girls doing crafts on a lawn
As the sun begins to peek out and the air warms our skin again, it’s clear that spring is in the air. Spring is great for playing outside with your kids, but it has its fair share of rainy days, too. Luckily rainy days are perfect for getting cozy inside and bonding with children. Creating something together is a good way to help girls relax and feel open to conversation or laughs.

For those days when you want to turn off the TV and get creative, we made a list of spring crafts to do with kids that are fun for them — and you! Read on for six spring crafts to do with kids that are not only fun, but also affordable, not too messy, and enjoyable for the whole family.

1) Create your own picture book

All you need is paper, pencil, and your imagination to create a story (plus, maybe a stapler or a hole punch & ribbon to bind your finished book together, of course). Brainstorm with your child — who will be their main character? What will happen in the story? Then, write and/or illustrate the book together.

You can do a page and your child can do a page, or you can let your kid tell the story and bring the words to life for her. Everyone loves a good narrative, so this book will be extra fun to read to friends and family once it’s finished.

2) Make a beautiful flower garland

A half-circle flower garland will look great in your kids’ room or above your windows to brighten up your space. Grab a three-foot string, tape or glue, and some colored construction paper. Draw and cut out flowers of your choice (we suggest colorful tulips or daisies). Attach each flower about six inches apart on the string with tape or hot glue.

Hint: You can make this one as easy or as involved as you want. To level up your craft, use the tops of plastic spoons to create flower petals and glue into a circle onto cardboard triangle banners.

3) Create a pop-up card

Have a birthday or event for a friend coming up? Make them a pop-up card! Fold a piece of colored construction paper in half, and cut three sets of two, one-inch slits (like this). Pull out the “pop-ups,” then glue or tape a piece of construction paper on top. Write words onto the pop-ups, like “Happy,” “Birthday,” and the name of your friend on each of the slits. They’ll be surprised and delighted when they open the card.

If you don’t have any upcoming events, consider making cards for a teacher, librarian or local retirement home.

4) Break out the coloring pages

There are countless free coloring pages online, but if you want to keep your kids entertained for the next several rainy days and car rides, consider a Hopscotch Girls book set. Hopscotch Girls’ book sets feature positive role models for girls, with characters that are strong, intelligent, and healthy. Browse our gift sets, which include everything from sticker sets to beautiful girl coloring pages.

5) Fly your own DIY kite

Sometimes, the best kinds of crafts are the ones that you can play with long after they’re created. And you don’t need to break the bank to have a kite-flying day with your kid! To make your own kite, all you need is two straight sticks about 2-3 feet long, string, and some newspaper or tissue paper.
  • Lay one stick across the other and tie it together to create your frame.
  • Cut a small slit at each end of the sticks, then wrap a string into the slits so it creates a diamond shape around the frame.
  • Spread newspaper over the frame, fold the edges over the string and glue them in place.
  • Tie a long string to the kite where the sticks cross.
Once the glue dries, decorate and take it up for a spin on the next nice day!

6) Paint a pot with some flowers

What better way to ring in spring than by planting flowers? Better yet, make a day of painting some pretty pots. You can often find flower pots at thrift shops and garage sales, or even use leftover food containers, so this project is both fun and affordable. Plus, once you plant your flowers or plants in your new, beautiful pot, you can watch it grow throughout the spring.

And if the sun starts peeking out and you decide an outdoor activity is a better fit for the day, take a look through our blog post on four great getaways for family memories, or browse our favorite spring adventure sports for girls. Happy crafting!

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For easy ways to empower girls, fun activity ideas, alerts about new Hopscotch Girls products, and more, join our email list.



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