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Backpacking: How to Plan a Fun Family Backpacking Adventure

Kitchen Activities for Grandmothers & Granddaughters

The kitchen is a great place to bond with grandchildren. Cooking with kids is the ideal opportunity for them to practice counting and measuring, and to learn about hygiene, chemical reactions and practical life skills. Here are a couple of our favorite kitchen projects:

Ice Cream In A Bag

You probably already have most of the ingredients for this fun project in your kitchen. It’s a tasty way for kids to experience a liquid becoming solid. All you need are plastic bags, milk, half-and-half, sugar, vanilla extract, ice and rock salt. No ice cream maker required! For the full recipe, visit

Family Recipes

If you’re feeling brave, invite your granddaughter to help you prepare one of your family’s favorite recipes. Try to choose a recipe that involves measuring and mixing away from the stove (baked dishes work great).

If your granddaughter’s very young (like 3-5), consider doing some of the prep work in advance (like cutting and messy measuring) and setting it up like a cooking show. Put each ingredient into a bowl or cup. She’ll get a big kick out of combining the ingredients and helping you mix.

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