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Upcycling for girls: turning trash to treasure

How to introduce girls to upcycling

It can be tricky to keep kids indoors, away from screens and still get them engaged. But with the help of some empty cans or other found items, you can create some crafty upcycled pieces with your daughter!

Do you love the environment and enjoy spending time with your kids? Upcycling is the perfect art form for you both! In case you’re having some trouble getting started, we’ve got you covered. Just follow the simple guide to upcycling for girls. 

Why upcycling is good for girls

Aside from being an environmentally friendly leisure time activity, Upcycling is one of the few art forms that will actually help you save money. Upcycling projects are a fun and affordable way to introduce girls to the concept of environmental protection.

Since upcycled materials aren’t conventionally used for arts and crafts, she’ll get to think outside the box to figure out what to create from those things. Upcycling is also a chance to practice problem-solving because upcycled items are often used as substitutes for everyday items.

With upcycling, something old is made new and what better way to teach your daughter the beauty of the big three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) while bonding with her than this artform!

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the art of creating something useful and decorative out of old or discarded material. It’s a great way of reducing the amount of waste we produce with the power of creativity.

Don’t confuse upcycling for recycling! Recycled items have to go through industrial processes to make totally different and new products, whereas upcycling things means repurposing them, sort of giving them new life again.

How to get started

One way or another, most people have engaged in some form of upcycling but if your daughter is a total newbie to the subject, you’re going to have to start simple. Starting with complex projects might discourage her, because then it’s more work than it is fun.

Plan ahead. Guide her to prepare thoroughly for the work she’s about to undertake. Although it’s great if she knows how the project will turn out, it’s okay if she doesn’t too. Afterall, there’s beauty in spontaneity!

If she’s got some old clothes that are torn or too worn out to donate, ask her to help you turn them into cushion covers. Velvet would work great for this, plus, it’s an amazing opportunity to introduce her to sewing if she hasn’t got a clue how to.

Help her come up with projects, but don’t forget to encourage her to use her imagination as well.

What you need

When it comes to upcycling, there are endless possibilities. Common tools like a pair of scissors, some pencils, a ruler and some glue can be all you need for an upcycling project.

For more elaborate upcycling projects like transforming an old piece of furniture, you’ll need some paint, nails and a hammer.

Upcycling Ideas for girls

Baby Clothes Quilt
This baby clothes quilt is a stellar way of upcycling fabrics and preserving some of those relics. They’re a great trip down memory lane, and you can even tell her some cute stories surrounding some of those clothes. Let the whole family  join in on the fun, everyone gets their pieces to quit!

Egg Carton Crafts
There are a ton of fun crafts you can do with egg cartons! They work really well for little girls too. Check out this list of 50 fun project ideas.

Sunglass Photo Frames
Creating these photo frames out of old sunglasses is super easy, and if your daughter isn’t in the mood for some stitching, this is a great alternative for the aforementioned projects.

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