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2023 Gift Guide—Empowering Gifts for Girls Age 12

These are some of our favorite gift ideas are for 12-year old girls! We dug through the hottest new toys and books, as well as some old favorites, so you won't have to.

Below are our recommendations for gifts that encourage girls to grow up to be strong and successful. For girls age 12, we focused on toys and books that feature strong female role models and/or characters that reinforce a healthy body image, inspire confidence, and/or encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills.

This Cards Against Humanity style game (without the offensive stuff, of course!) brings families together with laughter. "With age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for the adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages."

Microscopes make great gifts for girls because they introduce them to science and encourage them to explore their world.

This is such a cool idea for a kit! Girls answer questions in a quiz book and their answers determine which colors they should use to represent their personalities in this dream catcher style craft. We like that it gets girls to turn inward and think about themselves. 
You could even pair this with a journal to encourage her to explore further.

Girls can use this set to create their own lab and learn about microbes and germs.

This is definitely a pricier gift, but it's sooooo cool! This telescope and adjustable full size tripod will allow girls to get a better look at the cosmos.

"These brain teasers train visual-spatial ability, critical-thinking, and logical reasoning skills. Kids will put away their screens as they 
get engrossed in this educational game."

This microscope is pricier than the National Geographic one, but it's definitely a step up. It offers more magnifying power, is easy to use,
 and definitely works great for groups, as the magnified image appears on a screen.

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This graphic novel is about kids coming together to find common ground. "With text in English and Spanish, Invisible features a groundbreaking format paired with an engaging, accessible, and relatable storyline. This Breakfast Club–inspired story by Christina Diaz Gonzalez, award-winning author of Concealed, and Gabriela Epstein, illustrator of two Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel adaptations, is a must-have graphic novel about unexpected friendships
 and being seen for who you really are."

"An original graphic novel about being the new kid in a different school, getting picked on by the class bullies, and what happens when a magical presence takes notice. The Girl and The Glim is about accepting the fact that fear is okay, and that while letting other people see your vulnerabilities can be scary, it can also lead to closer friendships in the end."

"Debut author Misty Wilson chronicles her seventh-grade experience as the only girl on her town’s football team in this empowering graphic memoir about teamwork, friendship, crushes, and touchdowns."

"Superstar TV presenter and bestselling author Alesha Dixon is back with a hilarious story of sisterhood and being a girl boss!"

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