How to Get Your Daughter Swimming Like a Fish

Whether you're splashing around on vacation or swimming for Team USA, encouraging your kids to be confident in water is fun and important for safety. 

Kids are never too young to learn to love the water. Bear in mind these top tips and you’ll soon have your daughter swimming like a fish!

Why you should teach your kids to swim

Swimming is the perfect way for kids to keep fit because it’s fantastic exercise that develops strength as well as stamina, and such fun they won’t even realize they’re working out.

It’s also an important life skill. We hope our kids never have to swim to save their lives, but who knows what will happen? Teaching them to swim will give you the peace of mind to know they can save themselves in an emergency. 

Most of all, swimming is terrific fun. Kids love hanging out at the pool or the beach. If your kids can swim well they can join in all the fun with their friends and try out other water sports. 

The best place to learn to swim

Swimming “lessons” can start at home with fun in the bathtub or wading pool. Encourage even the youngest of kids to blow bubbles so they learn what it feels like to have their faces in the water.

Take every opportunity to develop your daughter’s water confidence by visiting your local pool, water park or beach. Have fun in the water with lots of games.

Consider enrolling your daughter in swimming lessons as soon as you can. Local pools run courses for aqua-babies and programs that cater for all ages. 

For information on teaching kids to swim, click here.

Top tips for swimming with your kids

  • Babies are not born with a fear of water. Teach your kids to be safe but be careful not to make them fear water, especially if you have a fear yourself.

  • Kids should always be supervised in water, whether in a bathtub, paddling pool, swimming pool or the sea.

  • If you have a pool at home, always keep the gate closed and teach the children never to use it unsupervised.

  • Wear UV protective swimsuits and sunscreen.

For information about pool safety, click here.

Grab your gear and head to the pool for some splashing good fun!